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Hello! Welcome to my photoblog. My interest in photography goes way back to my high school years. I don’t remember exactly how it began, just that my parents had a camera, a Pentax ME, and at some point I began using it. I developed my films and made prints in my school’s darkroom. Soon after that, I got my first own camera. Things changed when I went to University. Less time, no money, and no space for a darkroom. It got even worse through grad school (no surprise here). But after I graduated, a friend showed me the Nikon D70 he had just bought, one of the first affordable DSLRs. I was hooked again immediately. Here’s the result. Enjoy.

Since I also have a day job, photography comes in bursts; sometimes on weekends, during travel, or when I simply have to get out of the office … New posts to this blog will therefore be somewhat irregular. Subscribe to the rss or atom feeds to stay in touch.

You can explore the blog chronologically, or by category or tag using the links from the sidebar of this page and the index page. Each photo will be assigned to one category but might have multiple tags.

The gallery slideshow link will show all photos belonging to a category in a slideshow format. This is currently the best way to view the images sorted thematically as opposed to in blog order. (When you browse by tag or date, the previous and next photo links will take you to the previous/next photo in the blog not the previous/next one in the category.)

Of course you are very welcome to leave comments. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

– Niv <ndrory at gmail dot com>.